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In 1976, I assisted my grandmother with the budget for our local museum. The impression was indelible of how much work goes into Non-Profit organizations and how little funding gets the job done. This experience inspired my career in accounting and my commitment to helping Non-Profit agencies.

Since then, I have served Non-Profits in many capacities (memberorganizerofficervolunteertreasurer, board member, controllercontractorsupporter and auditor) but have always had a heart to help the cause. Having seen Non-Profits from such diverse angles, I have accumulated an insight for how they operate and how they struggle.

Accounting Made Simple is proud to assist local organizations with discounted rates and affordable volunteer training to help them in their mission.

Although our specialty today is in QuickBooks, we nearly 3 decades of experience with dozens of NFP Accounting packages for small, mid-sized and large organizations. If you need advice or direction in non profit or fund accounting, selecting software, or helping your software help you, we can help.

As a nationally recognized speaker and expert in the use of QuickBooks for Non-Profits and Houses of Worship, we offer seminars, retreat sessions and organizational training. Contact us for a presentation to help your volunteers and staff collect the information you need for your mission. For details, e-mail us or call 219-462-0588.

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