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Resources for Nonprofits

Although our specialty today is in QuickBooks, we have nearly 3 decades of experience with dozens of NFP Accounting packages for small, mid-sized and large organizations. If you need advice or direction in nonprofit or fund accounting, selecting software, or helping your software help you, we can help.


As a nationally recognized speaker and expert in the use of QuickBooks for Nonprofits and Houses of Worship, we offer seminars, retreat sessions and organizational training. Contact us for a presentation to help your volunteers and staff collect the information you need for your mission.

For details, contact us or call 219-462-0588.

Nonprofit Tools

Not only does the IRS have rules for nonprofits, but also resources.

Stay Exempt is an excellent tool for training volunteer boards, treasurers and others that assist in fundraising and reporting for your organization.

Don't miss the Exempt Organization newsletter or their own section for Charities on the IRS website.


Tech Soup is the technology resource for Exempt Organizations. Technology manufacturers (Intuit, Cisco, HP, Microsoft, etc...) donate to Tech Soup and they distribute to qualified groups at minimal fees.

Manufacturers vary - Check for current availability and eligibility requirements.

Take advantage of great newsletters and web e-mail forums with other mission-minded folks. This is a great tool to grow your group!

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